Comparing Serialization Performance

When transmitting data, all the information must be serialized. When Serializing there are two relevant criteria in order to select a suitable format: size and performance. This article compares the efficiency of different serialization formats (Java Serialization, ByteBuffer, Unsafe, Json and Protobuf). Continue reading

Mocking Resources using JUnit @Rule

When writing unit tests in Java there might be the need to access a resource in the class that should be tested. A common way is to mock the resource. But mocking a simple resource is quite easy. This is supported by mocking frameworks like Mockito, EasyMock or PowerMock. It is a good idea in case you want to test a single action on the mocked resource – e.g. returning a value when accessing a map that contains master data. The following exmaple describes mocking a resource using Mockito. But in case there are complex operations on this resource mocking it is going to be really nasty.
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