Deactivate Firefox search in location bar

Using the Firefox search within a local network, Firefox uses the integrated search instead of trying to access the server in case it is not a full domain name. This is really annoying, especially when you try to access servername. Firefox tries to search for servername instead of trying whether there is a server with exactly that namke. But there is a solution for that. Continue reading

A new scope for Contexts and Dependency Injection – CDI

Dependency Injection is a great approach to decouple software components. Furthermore it is possible to inject the current context (state) of a software component. In Java¬†EE 6 there are four scopes. With Java EE 7 a new scope was added. This post describes how to implement an additional scope that lives in its own lifecycle.
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Generating secure passwords

Normally for each device, service and software there should be used a unique password. As this isn’t an easy tasks, many people use a default password for a number of services and devices. But using Linux there is a small smart tool that generates passwords easily. This tool is called apg. Furthermore storing all the passwords in a safe enhances comfort and security dramatically.
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